Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf

Client: Credit Suisse
Size: 60,000m2
Value: £4,500,000
Location: Canary Wharf
Contractor: ISG Plc
Architect: T.P. Bennet

Project Details:

Supply and installation of new raised access flooring to a 3 Phase refurbishment project whilst the client remained operational in other areas of the building. Fit out included bare faced panels to general office areas including trading floors and installation of vinyl bonded panels to Main Communications Room and Sub Equipment Rooms to all floors.

RIW waterproofing works were carried out to all floors, equating to circa 3500m2 in total. The project also included the installation of 2500m2 Lindner calcium sulphate floors to canteen, kitchen areas and lift lobbies to receive stone finishes by others.

Bespoke Auditorium floors were designed in liaison with T.P Bennet Architects, manufactured from Lindner products.

Attendance was provided on all Mechanical, Electrical and Data Cabling Services installations.

Contract Duration: 26 months
Awards: Contractor of the Month

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